Licensing Permission

If you wish to create your own recording of any music posted at the website, you need to directly contact the vendor that owns that selection. Do NOT contact unless the item is owned by, the parent company of In that case, thank you for wanting to create your own recording of a selection(s) of music owned by To complete this request and receive a license to use our music for a recording, whether that is a mechanical license for a CD (compact disc) or a DPD (digital phonorecord delivery) license for digital download, please carefully read and follow the directions listed below. Again, thank you for using our music. We trust the Lord will use your recording to be a great blessing to others through the talent He has given you.

1. Please make sure the copyright on the selection you wish to record indicates the number is owned by There are many, many selections posted at this website that are not owned by We cannot grant mechanical or DPD licenses on those selections. Please contact that publisher directly or go through HFA (the Harry Fox Agency) at to obtain your mechanical or DPD license.

2. Please select and view the Mechanical / DPD Compulsory License Agreement

3. Fill in every form field in the license that is highlighted in green.. If a field does not apply simply put n/a (not applicable) in the blank. Print out two (2) copies and make sure you sign both copies where indicated.

4. You may include up to three (3) selections per mechanical/DPD license. For more selections simply submit additional forms.

5. Mail both copies to at the address listed on the form - including a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return mail. We will sign both copies and return one copy to you for your records. You may also Email and attach the completed and signed form to and we will return a signed copy via E-mail.

6. Remember that, unless you have made other arrangements with, full royalty payment (for mechanical licenses) is due at the release of the recording and one copy of the compact disc is to be mailed to the address below. Again, thank you for using our music and we trust it will be a blessing to all.

Mechanical / DPD Compulsory License Agreement

If you have any other questions, please use our website Contact Us form.