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The mission of SacredAudioMusic.com (see Mission Statement) is to promote and sell quality, conservative, sacred music that, in its style and content, honors and exalts the Lord Jesus Christ and clearly points the hearts of men and women to Him. SacredAudioMusic.com offers an efficient, cost-effective and secure way to purchase quality, conservative, sacred audio music. Many times consumers are forced to pay a high price for an album of music when they really only want one particular selection. SacredAudioMusic.com allows you to purchase individual musical selections at your leisure in the privacy of your own home or office and download it directly to your own computer. You are able to know exactly what you are ordering by the ability to listen to short audio samples of the tracks for sale before you actually make a purchase. SacredAudioMusic.com is also the owner of SacredSheetMusic.com and the owner of all the C & L Music publications including the well known Soloist (vocal solo) and HymnNotes (piano solo) series books. All of the selections in those publications can now be found at the SacredSheetMusic.com website. Much of the music you can purchase for listening purposes here also have printed versions at SacredSheetMusic.com.

Please note that the CCLI license does not apply to any albums purchased here. You can only populate your downloaded music to as many electronic devices/mp3 players as the number of copies you purchase at the time of payment.

Many talented musicians seek an outlet for the music that they record. Modeling our new SacredAudioMusic.com after business models like Amazon Marketplace and eBay, we offer industrious and talented musicians an opportunity to become a vendor at SacredAudioMusic.com and sell their own music with no financial risk or obligation whatsoever and still make it available to a large market (Google searches put us in the top two or three listings for millions of hits). There are no reproducing costs, storage issues, inventory, taxes on inventory or shipping materials and costs. Spend no time filling orders and processing accounts receivables. Once music is uploaded to SacredAudioMusic.com there is nothing more to do than receive a quarterly return. To apply to become a SacredAudioMusic.com vendor, please log into your account and go to our Online Vendor Application form to begin the process.

Come, join us as we launch a new era of providing quality sacred audio music at SacredAudioMusic.com. Soli Deo Gloria!